Hot air tethered balloon flights

The BMsonic ( - a Polish company that offers flow, precipitation, and groundwater level and quality measurements - has prepared a special attraction for participants of the International School of Hydraulics. Balloon flights organised with winners of Gordon Bennett Cup.

When & Where
Tethered balloon flights
Thursday, 23 May 2019
afternoon hours
free for participants of the International School of Hydraulics

Note: in case of poor weather conditions, balloon flights may be cancelled.

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BM Sonic and Gordon Bennett Cup

The Poland 2 team has flown their gas balloon 1145.29km from Bern, Switzerland, finally touching down in Poland and achieving the furthest distance from take-off and winning the 62nd Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett 2018.

The Poland 2 crew - Mateusz Rekas and Jacek Bogadanski, both regulars in the legendary balloon race – combined years of flying experience to use the weather systems to take a course across Germany and into their home nation, flying for 2 days and 10 hours in total.
It was a thrilling race, with the meteorological conditions offering three different options to the teams’ navigators, with the balloons dispersing across Europe.

The Poland 2 crew - Mateusz Rekas and Jacek Bogadanski

The twenty gas balloons took off on Friday 28th September, but only the German 1 team flew in the same north-easterly directionas the Polish winners, after originally starting in the opposite direction. Flying for the longest time in this year’s competition (2 days 18hrs), the audiences in Bern and following the live tracking watched with baited breath as the crew made it to fifth, then fourth and finally third placeafter travelling 840km. The team that achieved second place plotted a rather different track and followed a south-easterly direction to land in Salerno, Italy, 916km from Bern.

A number of other teams took a third approach and followed a south-westerly flow to land in France. Markus Haggeney, Event Director summer up the thoughts of those following the race: “Everyone in the Gordon Bennett HQ has never seen three such different strategies. It’s meteorological skills and pilot skills at their best. Congratulations to all the pilots. ”The teams will all make their way back to Bern for the prize-giving ceremony, which will take place on Saturday 6 October when the Poland 2 team will return to Bern to collect their trophies and enjoy a gala dinner in celebration of their success.

Final Ranking
1. POL 2, 1145.29km, 2d 10h 28m
2. USA 2, 916.73km, 2d 8h 20m
3. GER 1, 840.59km, 2d 18h 27m

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